About Us

Hi Fans! We are a family owned business and take big pride in what we do - which is delivering you with the goodies that we all love!
It all started with us moving from Germany to the United States in 2010. While there are so many great things about the United States - its people, endless opportunities and freedom just to name a few - there are certain things - mainly around food and more specifically ‘you guessed it’ CANDY - that we really missed from the Old World. So we began sending food orders to our families back home in Germany and they would infrequently send a care package over to the United States. Since we like to share and are always super excited to have our friends here in the United States try new things, our supply unfortunately never lasted for long.
The appetite for German Candy from our friends around the globe kept on growing to a point were we decided to scale our operations. A few years fast forward we now have our online store established with strong international and local supplier partnerships, backed by reliable logistic processes to never leave you waiting with an empty stomach.
Even though we have nearly endless candy supply now, we are still hungry and want to continue expanding our offerings by opening our first physical location that reimagines German candy and bakery goods. Enjoy and stay tuned for even more sweet things to come!